GULAG MAGADAN feature film

GULAG MAGADAN (2017). Character of Larisa by Katherine Galanova


GULAG MAGADAN (2017). Character of Larisa by Katherine Galanova.

GULAG MAGADAN (2017) “Larisa” by Katherine Galanova


Dissident, former GRU officer, Elizabeta in the USSR finds herself in a GULAG death camp.

Marxist Censorship leads to genocide. Genocide of tens of millions of Artists, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Teachers, in fact anybody who spoke up, who had a very Human opinion were censored, silenced and sent to GULAG death camps. Never Again can we allow such dehumanization of our fellow Human Beings.

As an Artist and Filmmaker, seeing tens of millions of my fellow Artists killed in the Marxist USSR GULAG is something that touches me deeply.

This film is about Dissidents in the Marxist USSR GULAG and about the real reasons they were sent there, not because they committed any legitimate crime, but because they had very Human qualities, such as Conscience, Spiritual connection, Feelings.



Katherine Galanova and Kendall Morris perform the tough roles of Larisa and Elizabeta, GULAG dissidents.
Katherine Galanova as Larisa, a Gulag dissident, battling memory of rape, fearing extermination and genocide of her people.
Kendall Morris performs the part of Elizabeta, a Gulag dissident facing execution.
Katherine Galanova plays Larisa, a Gulag dissident facing genocide.
LARISA by Katherine Galanova, talks about her son in a USSR Children’s Gulag extermination camp