Kendall Morris in the role of Elizabeta

Kendall Morris performs the part of Elizabeta, a Gulag dissident facing execution.

Katherine Galanova  in the role of Larisa

Katherine Galanova plays the part of Larisa, a GULAG dissident. Hoping she’ll see her son again.

Andrey Vasilyev in the role of Pyotr

Andrey Vasilyev performs the role of Pyotr, a Gulag dissident doctor.

Elizabet Nenova in the role of Verka

Elizabet Nenova performs the role of Verka, a GULAG dissident.

Lauren Finlay in the role of Sveta

Lauren Finlay performs the role of Sveta, a GULAG dissident.

Elina Kay in the role of Dasha

Elina Kay performs the role of Dasha, a GULAG dissident.

Soufiane El Khalidy in the role of Commissar

Soufiane El Khalidy performs the role of Commissar Yagoda.



Cast is developing, several are returning. This Winter we have another feature script and another feature GULAG film.

Lana Gulevich in the role of Anastasia

Lana Gulevich as ANASTASTIA in the Gulag camp.
Lana Gulevich as ANASTASTIA in the Gulag camp.


Angelika Reyn in the role of Lydia.Angelica_makeup_test_1_BLUE-GULAG-LIGHT


Anna Shvareva in the role of Nika

Anna Shvareva makeup test.
Anna Shvareva makeup test.

Andrey Vasilyev in the role of Alexander.

Romeo Visca in the role of Nikolai.

Alexander Rhys in the role of Fyodor.

Anton Gush in the role of Boris.

Chantal Jura in the role of Gulag dissident.

Brianna McClellan in the role of Gulag dissident.

Ronald Duthweiler in the role of Commissar