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GULAG MAGADAN feature film

GULAG MAGADAN is the most recent of my Gulag films. Editing through most of 2017 and released at the end of 2017. A lot of very hard work.

As of July 8, 2018. Gulag Magadan (2017) can no longer be streamed on VIMEO direct streaming because the Pro membership costs more than what the films made. The films made $43 in streaming revenue in 12 months, while the Pro Vimeo membership fee is $200.

Instead I’m selling DVDs and Blu-ray discs direct.

DVD and Blue-ray, are now for sale.

The VIMEO Pro account, from which all the pay streaming and the actor reels on private accounts, will cease at midnight July 8. If you are an actor and want your footage, I have is on USB drives, each actor gets a dedicated USB drive.

To screen the entire film,  each actor will be getting their own DVDs and Blu-rays.

GULAG MAGADAN (2017). Character of Larisa by Katherine Galanova


GULAG MAGADAN (2017). Character of Larisa by Katherine Galanova.

GULAG MAGADAN (2017) “Larisa” by Katherine Galanova

Dissident, former GRU officer, Elizabeta in the USSR finds herself in a GULAG death camp.

Marxist Censorship leads to genocide. Genocide of tens of millions of Artists, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Teachers, in fact anybody who spoke up, who had a very Human opinion were censored, silenced and sent to GULAG death camps. Never Again can we allow such dehumanization of our fellow Human Beings.

As an Artist and Filmmaker, seeing tens of millions of my fellow Artists killed in the Marxist USSR GULAG is something that touches me deeply.

This film is about Dissidents in the Marxist USSR GULAG and about the real reasons they were sent there, not because they committed any legitimate crime, but because they had very Human qualities, such as Conscience, Spiritual connection, Feelings.

Katherine Galanova and Kendall Morris perform the tough roles of Larisa and Elizabeta, GULAG dissidents.
Katherine Galanova as Larisa, a Gulag dissident, battling memory of rape, fearing extermination and genocide of her people.
Kendall Morris performs the part of Elizabeta, a Gulag dissident facing execution.
Katherine Galanova plays Larisa, a Gulag dissident facing genocide.
LARISA by Katherine Galanova, talks about her son in a USSR Children’s Gulag extermination camp



For $25 get the DVD

Get either Gulag Vorkuta (2016) or Gulag Barashevo (2015) for $25 on DVD or $35 on HD. Donate by PayPal or Visa and other Credit Cards on the donate button. Send an email with your DVD/Blu-ray mailing address to celtic_films@tutanota.com.

To follow up, email celtic_films@tutanota.com

Thank you,
Michael Kingsbury

November 1, 2016
UPDATE: Gulag Barashevo (2015) now has Closed Captions, HD remastered and streaming on Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Direct. GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) on AMAZON streaming

October 10, 2016
UPDATE: Gulag Vorkuta (2016) now has Closed Captions, HD Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Direct. Gulag Vorkuta (2016) on AMAZON streaming

Updated IMDb

October 8, 2016
Streaming of trailers using Nimble Streamer, WMSPanel, and DigitalOcean cloud droplets, has begun.

September 27, 2016
New, more finished version of the film is finished.

Close Captioning is finished. A new final Color Correction (more Blue, less saturation) is finished. The new BLUE Color Correction of the film now matches the new poster and streaming art.

DONATE to Help PUBLICIZE this film. This film needs advertizing.

Get DVD of fully finished film with donation of $25 or more. Help advertise this important Human Rights film about Soviet Gulags. Any amount is appreciated to help publicize it.

September 5, 2016
Final QC has been completed. The film is as finished as it can be. It has uploaded to Amazon VOD. DVD’s and Blu-rays have begun to be sent out. Complete Amazon VOD and disc is not set up. New requirements this year are CC Closed Captioning for all US film distribution via Amazon. That part will take a few days. But the film, 4.4 GB is uploaded to Amazon and ready to stream.

DVD sent to UK (Donor)(1)
DVD+Blu-ray sent to Virginia (Donor) (3)
DVD+Blu-ray sent to Tennessee (Donor) (3)
DVDs sent to Ukraine (3) (Donor)
DVDs sent to Russia (10 (Donor)
DVDs sent to Northern California (2)
DVDs sent to Hawaii (1)
DVD+Blu-ray sent to Southern California (Actors and Crew)(16)

DVD’s are available through this site. Streaming options are being developed.

August 6, 2016

Sound Boom removal from the Ski Escape shot was completed August 6.


UPDATE August 2, 2016

DVD case cover finalized.

DVD case cover finalized.
DVD case cover finalized.


UPDATE: July 24, 2016

VFX shots finished. DVD compression rendering, MP4 for online festival entry, rendering.

  1. VFX Women’s Camp fence extension and gate, meet scene.
  2. VFX  Women’s Camp fence extension and gate, Commissar dehumanize scene.
  3. VFX Women’s Camp fence extension and gate, Commissar roll call scene.

UPDATE: July 17, 2016
Last VFX shots are being created and edited into film.
These are basically Gulag camp set fence extensions.


Gulag Vorkuta (2016) DVD and Blu-ray disc cover.
Gulag Vorkuta (2016) DVD and Blu-ray disc cover.

Contact: Michael Kingsbury
Email: gulagvorkuta@tutanota.com
$25 donation gets you a DVD of the film sent to your address.


DVD has Special Features with 2 interviews with the Director and Actors.

Actors Andrey Vasilyev and Lana Gulevich are with Director Michael Kingsbury and discuss the film.

Romeo Visca, role of Nikolai, dissident teacher, talks about his character and of his family growing up under the USSR occupation of Romania.

MAY 31

IMDb listing.

IMDb poster. Final.
IMDb poster. Final.

This is the IMDb story description that will be in the IMDb storyline.
A controversial story in the snow and forest about a Belarusian dissident, Anastasia, played by Lana Gulevich, who has survived multiple gang rapes in the Marxist USSR Gulag leaving her asexual. But then a man, a fellow dissident, Alexander, played by Andrey Vasilyev, enters the camp on the men’s side and she sees hope. She finds a way to trust men again, to love a man again. The barbed wire being the physical and psychological barrier between her and men. In doing so she overcomes her horrific sexual abuse memory and becomes a heroic saint, the Joan d’Arc of the Gulag, who ultimately faces the monumental and painful choice of saving her friends, or saving her people. This takes place during the most brutal dehumanization in history, the Marxist Soviet genocide of 50 million artists, Christians, journalists, dissidents, workers, or anybody who was “Politically Incorrect”, we see love grow painfully and passionately, through barbed wire. Anastasia and Alexander, the Romeo and Juliet of the Taiga Gulag, escape to save their people, whom they profoundly love — through each other. Their love for each other is ultimately greater than themselves, it is a profound love for their own people.

MAY 29





TRAILER #3 Updated Txt. Bkg. Snd.


MAY 26


MAY 25

IMDb poster vers. #2

IMDB Vorkuta Poster36 V2 D
IMDB Vorkuta Poster36 V2 D

MAY 24

IMDb poster vers. #1

IMDb poster, preliminary version 1.
IMDb poster, preliminary version 1.

MAY 21

Pitch #2


Andrey Vasilyev and Lana Gulevitch pitch the film for distribution. Andrey brings up core principles of Dostoyevsky with Lana.

Distribution pitch for Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.
Distribution pitch for Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.


New Trailer up Trailer #2, three different resolutions, desktop and mobile.  Vimeo and Youtube.

Gulag Vorkuta (2016) #2 TRAILER_360p 2 5Mbs VBR


UPDATE: April 24, 2016

Film is cut down to 107 mins. This is very good. We get a higher quality compression on Streaming and DVD, as well as get into more festivals. Sound editing has begun, and is about 25% through. Sound tracks are being cleaned in Audacity and edited in Pro Tools. It is going well, from the 107min master video.

Sound Editing in Pro Tools, multiple tracks consist of Dialogue Lav, Dialogue Boom, NR (noise reduction) Dialogue, Wind 1, Wind 2, Trucks, Dogs.
Sound Editing in Pro Tools, multiple tracks consist of Dialogue Lav, Dialogue Boom, NR (noise reduction) Dialogue, Wind 1, Wind 2, Trucks, Dogs.
Sound Editing in Pro Tools, multiple tracks consist of Dialogue Lav, Dialogue Boom, NR (noise reduction) Dialogue, Wind 1, Wind 2, Trucks, Dogs.
Sound Editing in Pro Tools, multiple tracks consist of Dialogue Lav, Dialogue Boom, NR (noise reduction) Dialogue, Wind 1, Wind 2, Trucks, Dogs.
Sound clean up. NR (Noise Reduction) in Audacity.
Sound clean up. NR (Noise Reduction) in Audacity.

UPDATE: April 13, 2016

Montage clips. These are the emotions behind the scenes, over course of time. Compression of time, emotion. They are in progress and in change. Tritone, duotone or monotone with variance in contrast to provide fast data to the eye and mind.


UPDATE: April 12, 2016


UPDATE: April 10, 2016

Specs, Theory, Comments.

Editing has cut the film to 119 mins, (1hr 59min) which allows us to meet the under 120 mins feature film max for many festivals. I’m still looking over the film for seconds to trim off here and there. Boom sound will be synched to medium picture lock. Then we will have a look at the film and discuss shots and possible shot changes with the creatives (actors and myself). I’m looking for a Balalaika sound and composer will get TC burn in low res copy of pre-release film. I’ve been very busy on the cut (editing) and have had no time to clean up sites and to pump out promotional stills and clips yet. The film produced an incredible amount of footage and we have a wonderful, powerful film.

Editing Transition Theory

This year’s film features a different editing theory.  The week leading up to and including the  full days April 8,9 produced many montage transitions which use footage, time changes, CU texture shots, graphics, maps, 3D camp, not seen in the finished cuts. The concept employed in the film transitions is one of adding processing (content, backstory) to the viewer rather than dark fade outs prompting thinking of previous scene. More information pushed and less thinking demanded. The last film demanded thinking in slow pacing and dark fade outs. It was not as popular as it could be. Demanding thinking never is. Thus this film uses transitions to push out montages of visual info into the viewer mind. It is very different editing strategy to speed up the pacing of the film and add additional backstory content. The result is a higher-speed film that can deliver the emotional content more rapidly into contemporary minds. I’ve written out several pages of defense and explanation of this strategy complete with diagrams of how the additional content is structured. The Tarkovsky purists will object to the high-speed, modern transition look, but I think it will make the film more accessible to a wider audience.

Shooting Speed

This year’s film was impressive. We would shoot 85 takes a day versus 25 a day last year. This was largely due to the script structure and a crew that was more streamlined and willing to work into the last light.

ANASTASIA in Gulag Vorkuta.