Are from Ireland, Scotland, Wales. They represent the Triskele the Sacred Three Part alliance of the Celtic Peoples as they fight the Roman Empire invasion of their Celtic Islands. Many things are done and told in sets of three in the Celtic Druid culture. Triple Goddesses and Gods, triskele, spiral carvings, chevron carvings. Three is a sacred number, perhaps because it denotes movement.

The Celtic Druid Triskele is the Three-Part. Mother, Father, God(s), who created us. It is carved into the Newgrange stones, radiocarbon dated to 3,200 BC.














The Welsh elements of the series are based on the “Four Branches of the Mabinogi”, Pedair Cainc y Mabinogi, earliest Welsh writing. By based I mean that the scripts reconstruct certain elements from a truly Druid pagan perspective, as well as taking place half way through many of the myths. My scripts go into more substantive and rational detail and put the stories directly up against the Roman Empire, which is likely exactly what occurred.

The Irish elements of the series are based on the “Mythological Cycle”, the “Ulster Cycle”, the “Fenian Cycle” and the “Historical Cycle”, Tír na nÓg, Fionn MacCumhaill, Na Fianna, The Aos Sí / Aes Sídhe, Sétanta (CúChulainn), The Tuatha Dé Danann (Gods), the Children of Lir, Táin Bó Cúailnge & the Salmon of Knowledge. By based I mean that the scripts reconstruct certain elements from a truly Druid pagan perspective, as well as taking place half way through many of the myths. My scripts go into more substantive and rational detail and put the stories directly up against the Roman Empire, which is likely exactly what occurred.

The Scottish/Pictish elements share heavily from Irish mythology, as there was much seafaring and were joined by land as recently as 5,000 BC.

A new Independent internet series based on the classic Celtic legends of the Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic Druid Islands. Featuring at least 10 of the most famous Gods and Goddesses. Thus far RHIANNON, MORRIGAN, BELENUS, MACHA, BRIGID, FIONN MAC CUMHAILL, MAEVE, ERIU, NEMIAN, DANU, SCATHACH and many more, have begun casting, auditions and rehearsals.


A Welsh Goddess. She is from Dyfed area of Wales. Inspired by the legendary Stevie Nicks song “Rhiannon”. Rhiannon is a major figure in the Mabinogi, the medieval Welsh story collection. She appears mainly in the First Branch of the Mabinogi, and again in the Third Branch. She is a strong-minded Otherworld woman, who chooses Pwyll, prince of Dyfed, as her consort, in preference to another man to whom she has already been betrothed. She is intelligent, politically strategic, beautiful, and famed for her wealth and generosity. 


Aeronwen is thought to be the same goddess as Agrona, a war goddess whose name means “carnage”. She is a Welsh Goddess of fate – determining who wins and loses in battle. The River Dee is dedicated to Aeronwen and is where sacrifices were made in her name. There is also speculation that Aeronwen is the Welsh version of the Irish warrior goddess The Morrigan. Aeronwen is associated with the color black, the number 3, and the battlefield.


Cerridwen: She brewed a potion that could grant her son all-encompassing knowledge. The color white belongs to her. She is keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, a witch, herbalist and shape-shifting lunar deity. The Book of Taliesin speaks of Cerridwen and her cauldron of knowledge and transformation.


Scáthach’s combat arms education course was well known for being incredibly intense. She trained many Scottish and Irish warriors. It is at Dún Scáith, the Fortress of Shadows, where she trained Cú Chulainn and his friend Ferdiad, as well as many others, in armed combat as well as underwater combat. The only Goddess in history who trains warriors in underwater combat, in this she may be related to the Scottish Selkies. She is said to have created her own weapon, a Gáe Bulg (literally “spear of mortal death/pain”), which was a type of harpoon spear with a barbed end.


A Goddess of Sovereignty[2][3], War[4], Earth and Fertility.  Medb (pronounced maiv) is described in The Metrical Dindsenchas “Fert Medba” Poem 128, as a fair haired wolf queen, whose form was so beautiful that it robbed men of two-thirds of their valor upon seeing her.[1] There is much false information about Maeve. Under careful study and research, we can learn that she was given away in an arranged marriage when she was very young to the King of Ulster. It left lifelong damage on her. So much so that she: 1. Ran away from the marriage. 2. After she ran away, her sister was given as replacement, and to save her sister from the torture, she killed her sister. 3. When Maeve had kids with Aillil, she had all of her 7 sons made assassins in order to kill him.

Maeve was apparently, according to the historical record, a survivor of childhood rape, i.e. being sold, given, in an arranged marriage, probably while very young, to a much older man (King of Ulster). Her tomb is dated to about 3,000 BC, which would put her in position to have influenced the rise of Celtic Brehon Law which gave many civil rights to women in marriage. While history, largely written, altered, by the Christian monks, has tried to portray her, simply because of her beauty, as promiscuous, which she was not, as all her children were with her husband Aillil. This series is to set the record straight and tell the truth of Maeve and how great she was. Christian Monks in Ireland, out of jealousy, called her beauty that of a whore and prostitute. But it was because she withheld her beauty from all men after her childhood rape in marriage, that built her resentment from the male Monks. Very likely it was the true history of Maeve that was fundamental to the development of Celtic Brehon Law and women’s rights in marriage.

The extreme hatred Maeve had toward her childhood arranged husband, the King of Ulster, proves beyond a doubt, in any rational mind, that she was a victim of childhood rape. That she ran away from it. That she saved her sister who was sent as her replacement, by killing her. Maeve raised all seven of her sons to be be lethal assassins to go kill the child rapist King of Ulster.

Development of Celtic Brehon Law and equal rights for Women in Marriage.
Celtic Druid Goddess Maeve’s role.
True History of Celtic Goddess Maeve.
She withheld her beauty from all men, except her Aillil after her childhood rape in marriage, that built her resentment from male Christian Monks. At 3,000 BC, she was fundamental to the development of Celtic Brehon Law and women’s rights in marriage.



Goddess of Poetry, Inspiration, Healing, Smithcraft.


“Fionn” Old Irish, finn means “white, bright, lustrous; fair, light-hued (complexion, hair); fair, handsome; bright, blessed; in moral sense, fair, just, true”.[3]  According to the most popular account of Fionn’s death, he is not dead at all, rather, he sleeps in a cave in a mountain, surrounded by the Fianna. One day he will awake and defend Ireland in the hour of her greatest need. In one account, it is said that he will arise when the Dord Fiann, the hunting horn of the Fianna, is sounded three times, and he will be as strong and as well as he ever was.

[3] Electronic Dictionary of Irish Language, finn-1;




Goddess of Sovereignty, War, Fertility

Macha is one of the Goddesses in the  new Independent internet series based on the classic Celtic legends of the Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic Druid Islands. 


The God of Sun himself — to his people, encouraging them to break their silence borne of their fear of the totalitarian Roman Empire state. PHYSICAL DANCE: Ball of Sun Energy. Arms, head, torso form a circular sphere in 3D but moving, like the magma arms of the Sun reaching out thousands of miles into space. Like a Greco-Roman discus thrower, but more frontal and round 3D. A discus thrower has a more Solar System narrow circular arc. Ball of Sun is Belenus.

A new independent video series based on the legends of Celtic Druid Gods and Goddesses, demi-Gods, and mortals, resisting the Roman Empire. Celtic Druids vs Roman Empire.










































































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A short film. The intended series crowdfunding campaign to shoot the series pilot was postponed due to COVID-19 production delays. Updates will be officially posted here.

Celtic Druidess MORRIGAN – masterfully performed by the gifted Hayley Pendergrass
Celtic Druidess MORRIGAN with a sacred Druid triskele symbol of life, movement, eternity. Innately performed by the gifted Hayley Pendergrass

SAMHAIN Morrigan Returns, is an authentic, masterful script in which the Celtic Goddess of War, Death and Genocide comes to us on the Druid New Year (Samhain, Halloween, Samhuinn, eve) and gives us a warning on the causes of war and genocide, for she is the expert on it, overseeing them, and observing them. She most importantly brings the wisdom behind her deity, and that reason is why the Celtic civilization lasted for well over 2,000 years without wars or genocide.

New Celtic Druid TV-Internet series. Morrigan Returns. A new film series about Celtic Druids. Production has started to roll. Original never-before-seen content, truly independent, alternative films.



Above, Gulag Magadan (2017) Trailer, De-Programming

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Gulag Barashevo (2015) 134 mins

Gulag Vorkuta (2016) 98 mins

Gulag Magadan (2017) 114 mins

GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) 134 mins. Media Monopoly and Censorship scene, 4 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA (2016) 98 mins. Myself or My People, 8 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA (2016) 98 mins. Christian Men’s Funeral, 4 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA (2016)- Order 270, Fascist Nationalist, Ideal Soviet Persons, scene, 8 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA (2016) 98 mins. They Treat Us Like Animals scene, 3 mins.


Hi, I’m Michael Kingsbury,











There are three GULAG films. Gulag Barashevo (2015), Gulag Vorkuta (2016), Gulag Magadan (2017).  This site and its sister site, gulagfilms.org, are run by myself Michael Kingsbury who was the Writer/Director/Producer/Cameraman of all three Gulag films ( I did nearly everything, writing, storyboarding, pre-production, casting, production, grip, gaffing, equipment rentals, transportation, directing, DP, editing, distribution, all of it). Because Celtic-Films is just me, I only hired sound crew, which doubled as grips, gaffers. These three feature length Gulag films are different from the two short Gulag films by the same name (Gulag Barashevo, the Short; and Gulag Vorkuta, the Short) which I made in 2013 and early 2014.

About the Productions Due to the extremely low budget and grueling cold and altitude, I faced numerous crew and cast drop outs, so I often had to hire other crew and even re-cast and re-write (at nights, getting no sleep, before a shoot) to keep the productions going. In addition, during the production it was a constant changing battle to replace crew and cast, as stress and burnout was high. For example on Gulag Barashevo I hired a 2nd DP for one day, and another B cam op for another 4 days, on Gulag Vorkuta I hired for some shoots an extra PA/AD who also did, grip, and sound boom/recording.

The Profits All proceeds go to recovering the costs of making these films  ($2,500 each approximately), and then after that, all proceeds are split equally between myself, the Writer/Director/Producer/Cameraman, and the Actors. Some films all Actors and myself shared exactly equal share of profit. On the last film, the lead Actors and myself each got an equal share, and the supporting actors a smaller share. This is the main reason these films are for a very minimal streaming or download fee is to pay the Actors as I have a responsibility to get them whatever profits I can as that was our profit sharing agreement, and they worked extremely hard, volunteering their time and life blood, to make these Gulag films. In addition they will be extremely grateful to be paid for their great talents and efforts in what was very difficult, often Winter snow freezing conditions at 8,500 ft elevation.

All profits go to the makers (myself Michael Kingsbury, and the Actors) of these films. The crew payment costs were paid during production and are part of the approximately $2,500 production cost of each of the feature length films.

At CELTIC-FILMS I  make Indie Human Rights films. Gulag Magadan (2017) 10 min extended trailer.

GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 14 min long full scene. Sick Ward scene #2 – Genocide vs Morality
GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 8 min long full scene. Barracks scene #4 – Armand Hammer
GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 4 min long full scene. Barracks scene #2 – If the West Knew
GULAG MAGADAN (2017)2 min long full scene. Encrypt scene #3 – Encrypt Human Rights Manifesto
GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 2 min long full scene. Barracks scene #1 – They Want to Destroy Beauty 


Human Rights films about the Marxist U.S.S.R. GULAG. I, Michael Kingsbury, singlehandedly struggled to make these films over a 5 year period 2013-1018. Because the story that has never been told, the 50-65 million people that were were killed in genocide of the Marxist USSR Gulag camps.

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As artists and humanitarians, we believe that bringing awareness to the genocide of over 65,000,000 mainly European people (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Hungarians, Slovakians, Slovenians, Germans,  Finns, Karelians, Serbians, Croatians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Moldovians) is important.

If we do not remember the past and feel for the human suffering, then we will not move forward as humanity, and we may very well repeat it. Each film made for about $2,500, don’t expect $100 million Hollywood finished films. These are raw, hard, unique films. And these first films to even mention 65 million were killed in the Marxist USSR and 10 million in the Holodomor.

Rough, rugged, independent, low-budget feature length films on GULAG dissidents. Please help support the ongoing publicity campaign to make sure every person knows about Marxist USSR GULAG genocide.

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