“Celtics”  January 10, 2022    UPDATE: Something very unusual is about to hit film history.

In history the Druid Wizard hats developed from the Gold Hat found in France dated to 1000 BC, The Avanton Cone was discovered in 1844 in a field near the village of Avanton, about 12 km north of Poitiers, France. The Avanton Cone is on display in the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris.

Druid Wizard hats.

Druid Wizard hats developed from the Celtic era Gold Hats which have been found in Europe. These were tall gold hats with mathematical, astronomical calculations imprinted on them. The Druids literally wore computers on their heads. Gradually over time the astronomical stars were removed by successive empires, to the common blank Druid hood seen in popular film and culture.

The conical, tall, wizard hats, of European folklore, actually had symbols of the Sun and Moon and stars on them, in complex astronomical calculations. Computers of gold worn on the head.


This was the first law code in the World to give women equal rights. It will no doubt become a very controversial and much-watched TV series. Already the Dark Empire is becoming worried about this deep reset to Celtic Brehon Law. The Druids were called Witches and Heretics. It has turned out that highlighting ancient Celtic Brehon Law’s women’s rights has caused a firestorm within the Empire already with interview requests from BBC Northern Ireland (Belfast) and RTE Ireland (Dublin).

Buckle up. Get ready for the most powerful and groundbreaking series, because it’s coming.

Celtics the tv series. Samhuinn 2021

Already it has become a controversial tv series, in the eyes of the Empire.

“Celtics” tv series Samhain-Samhuinn banner
“Celtics” tv series Samhain-Samhuinn banner
Raging furious Brigid the Goddess of Poetry against the censorship of the Roman Empire.

The “Celtics” tv series is based on Celtic Brehon Law, of course it is the Iron Age. According to some legal scholars, Celtic Brehon Law is dated to 2,300 BC and thus is Europe’s oldest law code and fundamental legal philosophy, and it was the World’s first to give women equal rights. The basis of the “Celtics” tv series is Celtic Brehon Law, the first in the world to give women equal rights, and it Europe’s oldest and most foundational law code. This has will no doubt be controversial as it resets the entire ethical foundation of Europe.

Celtics tv series is fundamentally based on the law of the Celtic civilization — Celtic Brehon Law, which gave women equal rights.
The “Celtics” tv series is based on Celtic Brehon Law which gave women equal rights

Celtics the independent series is in fundraising stage. Feel free to donate and I’ll keep a running update on the funds and the new scenes we’ll have filmed and posted here.

We are in the fundraising state for production of the first episode of “Celtics” an Independent series on the Celtic Druids as they resisted the Roman Empire invasion with its censorship, slavery, and traitor Romano Briton collaborators.

This is an Independent series on the Celtic Druids as they resisted the Roman Empire invasion with its censorship, slavery, and traitor Romano Briton collaborators. We have a brilliant cast of actors bringing it to life. We have filmed a few short scenes in the studio, these are only to begin to bring the characters to life. We need to film the meeting and dialogue between the Gods in a natural “Iron Age” forest, with a real set, to really bring it to reality.
An Independent and cutting edge view of the Celtic Druids. Diving deep into the true core spirits, thinking, and emotions of the Druids. Each of the eight Druid Gods of episode I writes their own religious books with moral principles to live by. Based on research it is the reconstruction of Celtic Brehon Law, culture, and society.
The Actors
Celtic Druid Gods’ spiritual emotions are brought to life. Inspiration of a people. We get to see what the spiritual forces of the Celtic Druids were. More about the Celtic Gods here, it is in development, soon each of the Celtic Gods in this episode 1 will have a thorough description supported by references and footnotes:  https://www.celtic-films.com/celtic-druid-gods/

Be a part of this amazing film series. We have publicity and activism materials, posters, flyers, cards, available for online and  RL use. 

ACTIVISM – Become Involved https://www.celtic-films.com/activism/

The “Celtics” series. After this first episode entitled “Druids”, we aim to expand the series and film 9 episodes per season, with a total of 20 seasons planned. More detail can be found as it develops here:  https://www.celtic-films.com/

Heroic Celtic Druid Gods, Myths and History — Brought to life! This is a wide and expansive historical movie series.  Covering a range of time from the Bronze Age through the Iron Age to the Roman Empire invasion, occupation, subjugation, and the mighty and heroic Resistance against the Empire, which we see, in the last season, finally crushing and destroying the cruel Roman Empire, victoriously.

Script is well-researched and original, digging in deep between the lines of the historical record to bring forth what really happened. The script unearths the truths which have been hidden for two thousand years by successive political and religious regimes and empires. We get to find out who and what the Celtic Druid Gods really were, what made them, and most importantly — how they Think.

As the episodes and seasons progress, more Druid Goddesses and Gods will be added, such as Rhiannon, Morrigan, Lugh, Scáthach, and many more.


Freedom of Expression

Celtics saw their ability to have Freedom of Expression being curtailed by the Roman Empire advancing into their lands. They saw their core values being encroached on. And they stood and began to resist. 

Freedom of Speech

The Celtics fought for Freedom of Speech. Speech was their main method of communication. While they did have visual arts, including Europe’s “Sistine Ceiling of the Ice Age” at Church Hole Cave, they were not like the Greeks who had a rich history of visual arts in sculpture and painting.

Censorship of Roman Empire

Roman Empire censored speech. Since Celtics value Freedom of Speech and Expression as their highest values, the core basis of their civilization, they began a campaign of extended Resistance against their Dark Empire overlords who wanted to censor and silence the brilliant light of Celtic civilization and its People.

A deeply immersive movie series where we feel, as our own, how the Celtics were enslaved and their culture destroyed, by the invading and occupying, globalist, Roman Empire. And yet, they stood and fought back. In the legends their stories are told. Outnumbered, still they fought back with a heroism unmatched in 20 centuries. Legends all. Gods all. It was a time when mortals became Gods.

Celtic Druid Goddess Brigid calls the alarm

As we see the Gods and Goddesses awaken and begin to have premonitions, we see the terrible challenge they are up against. Much as the people in our time and in our own lands do. The people, a people, seeing their own identity destroyed by a globalist multicultural Empire. The  Roman Empire — An Empire of Censorship, Slavery, Drugs and Darkness.

Queen Maeve. Druid Goddess Maeve, hears the call for unity. Pulls off her personal attack on Ulster and instead directs her troops towards the Roman Empire legions in Britain.

Celtic Druid Goddess Maeve picks up the call to action


Celtic Druid Goddess Queen Maeve performed by Bonnie Jean

Celtic Druid Goddess Macha performed by Kelley Poling

Celtic Druid God Belenus performed by Dakota Kieras

Celtic Druid God Fionn performed by Ken Wood

Celtic Druid Goddess Brigid performed by Beatrice Brown

Celtic Druid Goddess Aeronwen performed by Kaitlyn Furey

Celtic Druid Goddess Danu performed by Dana Henrickson

Celtic Druid Goddess Cerridwen performed by Berta Sigridardottir

Powerful and Gifted Actors. We have the most amazingly talented actors who will rise to stardom with this “Celtics” series. These are the great creatives through which life exists. These are the powerful, the gifted, and visionary. The legendary.


Production: the costs of physically shooting the movie. One week of set construction, set dressing, painting, making sacred Druid Grove platforms in the trees. One week of shooting the live action with actors and crew. Two weeks total.
  • Paying our Cast and Crew
  • Feeding them
  • Equipment Rental
  • Housing them on location
  • Set Construction
  • Transportation
  • Makeup and hair
  • Wardrobe and props

 “Celtics”, episode 1, Druids is going to cost us $100,000.
STRECH GOAL #1 – $120,000 we’ll be able to pay for the limited, but crucial ROMAN EMPIRE scenes. Scenes with Roman Empire actors, costumes and props. We’ll need to tell the Roman Empire part of story in the most authentic way possible. 
STRECH GOAL #2 – $140,000 will enable us to film the all important ROMANO BRITON traitor scenes. Scenes which cover the traitor collaborators who sold out their fellow Celtics to the Roman Empire slavery, subjugation, rape, genocide and censorship.
STRECH GOAL #3 – $160,000 will enable expanded sets and extras to increase the scope of the initial live action Celtic Druid, Roman Empire, Romano Briton, scenes!
New reward tiers will unlock when we cross the threshold into each of those stretch goals. Anything above that will go to increasing the compensation for our cast and crew, as well as covering the costs of getting Celtics series out into the world: advertising, publicity, etc.
You can learn more about my independent and human rights based film-making philosophy and purchase my past projects on my website: https://www.celtic-films.com/
Risks and challenges
Film is a complicated technical exercise, and often unforeseen difficulties arise, causing budget and scheduling overruns. That being said, I am experienced and have successfully completed and released every film I have started. I have produced several location heavy projects in the past, and see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to film this first episode, and start this film series.


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