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There’s been a lot of intense work behind the scenes to develop creative promotional materials as we approach our crowdfunding launches.

Alternative, Inspired. An inspired alternative take on Celtic culture and history.  Each God and Goddess has their moral teaching books. The moral principles in the books of the Gods are key in the Celtic resistance against the Empire (Roman Empire).


Druidess Goddess Queen Maeve and her Book of Maeve, a book of morals
Druidess Goddess Brigid and her Book of Brigid, a book of morals.
The Book of Macha, chapter 3, verse 8

“Celtics” Trailer #1

It was in the darkest hour of the Celtic people. They were enslaved, their culture destroyed, and censored, by the invading, multicultural, globalist, Roman Empire. They met in a secret meeting place in a forest to debate how best to resist the Roman Empire.

Freedom against the Empire has many meanings, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion. This series has ideas and beliefs everyone can feel passionate about for the coming decades.

Freedom of Expression

Celtics saw their ability to have Freedom of Expression being curtailed by the Roman Empire advancing into their lands. They saw their core values being encroached on. And they stood and began to resist. 

Freedom of Speech

The Celtics fought for Freedom of Speech. Speech was their main method of communication. While they did have visual arts, including Europe’s “Sistine Ceiling of the Ice Age” at Church Hole Cave, they were not like the Greeks who had a rich history of visual arts in sculpture and painting.

Censorship of Roman Empire

Since Celtics value Freedom of Speech and Expression as their highest values, the core basis of their civilization, they began a campaign of extended Resistance against their Dark Empire overlords who wanted to silence the brilliant light of Celtic civilization and its People. 

When A People See They Are Being Enslaved

Gradually the Celtics saw themselves being replaced by the invaders who both brought in foreigners and corrupted those who felt helpless and weak, the Romano Britons. So an underground resistance was formed that became stronger as the years went by, eventually growing strong enough to throw out the invading, multicultural, globalist, Roman Empire. And yet, they stood and fought back. In the legends their stories are told. It was a time when mortals became Gods.

Introduction of the Celtic Druid Gods, Video

Outnumbered, still they fought back with a heroism unmatched in 20 centuries. Legends all. Gods all.  It was a time when mortals put down their lives for their people, and became Gods.

…This is their story. When they realized they could take back their lands….. And they did…they did for their people, for their ancestors…for their children….

Raise that banner. Raise that banner on the Western shore. For we are united as one. And here we come. The multicultural Roman Empire had enslaved, and corrupted the people of the British Isles long enough, their Celtic brothers and sisters came and liberated…


The Celtic Druid Goddess Maeve has the largest tomb in Ireland today. There is a reason for that. She unified Ireland, not only Ireland but all the Celtic Lands. Celtic Druid Goddess of Nation and War.

The Celtic Druid Goddess Macha is the greatest female Warrior God in Ireland. Experienced in many wars and battles. There is a reason for that. Expert swordswoman, she defended Ireland and all the Celtic Islands from the Dark Empire. Celtic Druid Goddess of Sovereignty, Fertility and War.

The Celtic Druid Goddess Brigid is the Goddess of Poetry, Inspiration and Smithcraft.  She was born with bolts of sunlight shooting from her head. So great is her vision and inspiration that she is inventor of Poetry in Ireland and likely of the Bardic tradition. Celtic Druid Goddess of Poetry and Inspiration.

In the Beginning was the Celtic Druid God Belenus who created the Sun, Earth, and Stars. Thermonuclear God of Sun, all life forms were created by they Sun God Belenus. A raging ball of energy and atomic energy. He shows extreme outrage at seeing his life forms enslaved.

The Celtic Druid Goddess Danu. The Goddess of EIRE (Ireland). Strong, noble, determined. She is the Goddess of the most sacred and holy land, that of Ireland. She created Irish civilization at the Newgrange temple complex in the Boyne Valley, Ireland. 

The Celtic Druid Goddess Cerridwen. Goddess of Wisdom. Highly intelligent. Gifted with knowledge. She was once a mortal, a great organic cook. She cooked such amazing food with brain power herbs, that when a person took a taste of it they had the wisdom of the world and could even see the future. Her wisdom is both a gift and a curse, for what you learn you cannot forget.

The Celtic Druid Goddess Aeronwen is the Goddess of War and Death. Aeronwen’s husband lay dying on the battlefield in great pain. He asked her to kill him. So she did. Then the other women whose husbands were dying in great pain, asked her to kill their men, for they couldn’t, and thus her empathy became Godlike.

The Celtic Druid God Fionn mac Cumhaill is the greatest Warrior God of Battle in Ireland. Awakens after 200 years from his sleep in the cave, at the sound of the Three Horns calling him to save Ireland. Celtic Druid God of Battle and War.

A deeply immersive movie series where we feel, as our own, how the Celtics were enslaved and their culture destroyed, by the invading and occupying, globalist, Roman Empire. And yet, they stood and fought back. In the legends their stories are told. Outnumbered, still they fought back with a heroism unmatched in 20 centuries. Legends all. Gods all. It was a time when mortals became Gods. It was a time when mortals put down their lives for their people, and became Gods.

Celtics is their story. When they realized they could take back their lands.…. And they did…they did for their people, for their ancestors…for their children….

Celtic Druid Goddess Brigid calls the alarm

As we see the Gods and Goddesses awaken and begin to have premonitions, we see the terrible challenge they are up against. Much as the people in our time and in our own lands do. The people, a people, seeing their own identity destroyed by a globalist multicultural Empire. The  Roman Empire — An Empire of Censorship, Slavery, Drugs and Darkness.

The Druid God of Sun, Belenus hears her clarion call, and focuses his thermonuclear Sun power attention, his light, upon the issue. For it is with light shining on a the problem of dark inhumanity that allows us to see it and remove it. Belenus shines the bright light of his power upon the Dark Empire.

Celtic Druid God Belenus sees the Dark Empire

As the visions are carried across the land. All the Gods and Goddesses awaken.
The greatest Gods and Goddess of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Britain, awaken and arise. With their visions of the future becoming nightmares, they all suddenly have heightened awareness, and realize the necessity to come together in a conference on the Hill of Tara, a meeting of the High Kings, High Queens, Gods, Goddesses and Mortals, to decide the fate of their Celtic peoples.

Queen Maeve. Druid Goddess Maeve, hears the call for unity. Pulls off her personal attack on Ulster and instead directs her troops towards the Roman Empire legions in Britain.

Celtic Druid Goddess Maeve picks up the call to action

With visions to the Goddesses and Gods now stretching all across the Celtic lands. The fires are lit in the massive broch castles and the towns and castles come to life in the dark night. “A nightmare vision was had!” goes out the word among the villagers. As they gape up looking to the Druid castles for word of what bad omen this is.

Druid Goddess Macha, heroic in her entourage, convenes a stadium of her people at the most sacred dolmen circle of Knowth and rallies up the Celtic people.

Celtic Druid Goddess Macha rallies her people

And the Gods thunder to life. The Three Horns are heard to blow. These are the sacred Three Horns which awaken Fionn the Celtic God of Battle, the most famous warrior and Celtic general of all mythology.

Celtic Druid God Fionn rallies his people

An deeply immersive feeling is primarily achieved through cinematography and set design, but also changes in dialogue  character, as well as sound for each scene that provides both an ambient sound layer and an original composition, scored specifically to construct the exact atmosphere for each episode. In many ways the Celtics faced the same censorship and oppression by an Empire we face today.

The innate story structure is that of the Celtic tartan cross-hatch. Each Season will be called a “Tartan”. Each Season will have 8-9 episodes called “Kilts”, which are woven together into the story knot at the season finale.  Based on Celtic culture and storytelling. Artistically, the Brodgar 3,200 BC cross-hatch designs represent the genesis of the Scottish tartan weave kilt design, which represent families intermarrying. It is the beginning of the fabric of the Celtic people and nations. 


Depending on budget level there will be different sets built.

Budget A is the lowest budget in 10 acres of Idaho forest. Illustration below. With only a few scenes called “Rendezvous of the Gods”, where the Gods meet at the beginning of the series to debate and talk about how to handle the Roman Empire invasion. Two Gods at a time in each scene locked in intense debate and argument about methodology.

Set Construction will be based on archaeology, of the Celtic Druid cities of Scotland, Ireland, Wales. With construction in Iron Age-type forests in Idaho or British Columbia to start with. Wood timber with fiberglass to simulate the stone massive Druid castles dating to 700 BC Iron Age. The Brodgar excavations of the Celtic Druid temple complex are dated to 3,200 BC in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. There are eight Druid castle cities, towns, one for each God or Goddess.


These are visual presentations of the eight lead characters. 

The Celtic Druid Triskele is the Three-Part design carved into the Newgrange stones, radiocarbon dated to 3,200 BC. Three is a sacred number in Celtic culture. It represents asymmetry, movement and life.  “Maudlin (2007: 133) argues that the asymmetry between initial and final conditions is a manifestation of a more fundamental nomic asymmetry,” https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/causation-physics/


This series stays away from the fratricidal myths of the Lebor Gabála Érenn due to fratricidal propaganda such as “Nemed” vs “Fir Bolg” vs “Partholon” vs “Fomorians” vs “Milesians” vs “Tuath Dé”. Celtics actually came together peacefully, building monumental architecture, Newgrange, Knowth, at 3,200 BC.  Irish myths of the series are based on the “Mythological Cycle”, the “Ulster Cycle”, the “Fenian Cycle” and the “Historical Cycle”, Tír na nÓg, Fionn MacCumhaill, Na Fianna, The Aos Sí / Aes Sídhe, Sétanta (CúChulainn), The Tuatha Dé Danann (Gods), the Children of Lir, Táin Bó Cúailnge & the Salmon of Knowledge. My scripts go into more substantive and rational detail about stories against the Roman Empire. Scottish/Pictish myths share from Irish mythology, with some of James MacPherson’s Ossian Tales.  Welsh myths are based on the “Four Branches of the Mabinogi”, Pedair Cainc y Mabinogi, earliest Welsh writing.


CELTICS – Gods and Goddesses

Every backer of Celtics: The Druids Premonition will receive exclusive access to season episodes materials throughout the series final development phase. Expect a Kickstarter and other crowdfunding launches.


I want to make participation accessible to everybody, no matter what financial level a person is. You want to see where your production money goes? You got it. We’re including location and set building photos, prop and wardrobe, and rehearsal photos, so you can see your money at work.



We really want to thank all that have, and will contribute, to this amazing film series project about the ancient Celtic Druids and their positive, creative, constructive, way they resisted the Roman Empire invading their lands. If you are looking for more involvement and push to help us build the sets and shoot the first few scenes of the first episode, you’re more than welcome to help us more!


We all understand, that in this hard economic climate, it’s sometimes hard to commit to a project, not knowing if the money will be accounted for and going to actual shooting of these fantastic scenes — But there will be right on this film site page, a special page made with production updates and accounting documents published, so you know your money has gone to receipts and payments on the film production, set construction, actor pay!



Detailed Line Itemized Budget Expense Breakdowns. Several budget levels are delineated. This is so the production is scalable and can both get the initial scenes shot on set location, as well as scaled up to a long running network series. Budget A, B, C, D, E, currently. With each increase in budget the actors are paid more, the crew paid more, the number of crew increases, and the size of extras in the background increases, as well as expansion of the set.  Ultimately I look towards making our own studio lot dedicated exclusively to the sets and support facilities of this series.

Budget A is for $16,424 and a 7 day shoot on a 10 acre forest near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with a Celtic tree fort set (sketches are being cleaned up). Budget will be adjusted as needed. Budget A is divided up into 4 sections: Set Construction, Actors, Camera/Sound, Combined.


Budget B  ($50,000 ) is enough to shoot a more scenes on a Celtic Druid tree fort set built in an Idaho forest, for 21 days.

Budget C ($100,000) is enough to expand the set to include a Gorsedd Arberth Iron Age mound, and expand the cast to include Rhiannon riding in on her white horse, as well as extending shooting to 21 days. Actor pay goes up to $1,200 a day. See detail sheets.

Budget D ($500,000) is enough to film 1 episode of Season 1.

Budget E ($2,000,000) is enough to film 5 episodes of Season 1.

Full detailed production breakdown is being published for full disclosure so you know exactly where your money is going.










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