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ACTIVISM – How you can make a difference.

Note: Like all pages on this site, this page will develop and grow with new media and posters added. So keep checking back.


Yes its a massive 20 year long series with 9 episodes per season about the Celtic Druid people and their fight against the Roman Empire, but I’ve created this series to be a running commentary on our globalist empire occupying our lands today, which censor us and violate our human rights.

QR code to Celtic-Films.com site. 11/24/21

Work for Celtic Druid freedom of expression, freedom of speech against the oppressive Roman Empire. Become involved in promoting the Celtics tv series.

QR code to Celtic-Films.com site. 11/24/21

Make stickers, posters, online media. Be a part of keep our Arts community free from totalitarian censorship and to remember who you are, your integrity.

These are some simple graphics to get you started.