Alternative Script

Telling the true stories about the Celtics that have never been told. The real backgrounds behind the myths and legends. Come and enter into our mysterious Celtic world where it all comes alive!

A deeply immersive Storytelling experience, with a historical and mythological script that relates to our own times. By 50 AD Celtics of Britain began to be enslaved by the Roman Empire, and their culture faced destruction. Yet, they found ways to resist and fought back eventually pushing the Roman Empire off their lands. The script covers not just the Celtic Gods but the mortals as well. Also it shows how the mortals became Gods through their deeds, that through deeds that were seen as superhuman by their peers that they became deified as Gods. Which gives us a living, breathing, Celtic script and movie series.

Underdog Celtics

Were enslaved and their culture destroyed, by the invading and occupying Roman Empire. And yet, they resisted and fought back. In the legends their stories are told. Outnumbered, still they battled back with a heroism unmatched in twenty centuries. Legends all. Gods all. It was a time when mortals put down their lives for their people, and became Gods. This is their story. When they realized they could take back their lands….. And they did…for their people.

We see the Gods and Goddesses awaken and begin to have premonitions, visions of what they have seen. We see the terrible challenge they are up against. Seeing their own Celtic identity destroyed by an Empire. The  Roman Empire — An Empire of Censorship, Slavery, Opium, Alcohol, and Darkness now stretching all across the Celtic lands. The fires are lit in the massive broch castles and the towns and castles come to life in the dark night. The people of the towns, cities and villages, and even small hamlets, look up at the bonfires atop the brochs, calling the alarm.

Words of the Celtic Gods

Belenus. Celtic God of Sun, hears the call of the mortals, and brings his light. The power of  his thermonuclear Sun. For it is with light shining on a the problem of  inhumanity hiding in the shadows, that allows us to see it and remove it. Belenus shines his power of bright light upon the Dark Empire.

Belenus, Celtic God of Light and Sun.

Maeve  Druid Goddess Maeve, brings a call for unity in the Celtic lands. Pulls off her attack on the King of Ulster and instead directs her troops towards the Roman Empire legions in Britain.

 Druid Goddess Maeve, hears the call to defend the Celtic lands. Redirects her attack on the King of Ulster and instead directs her troops towards the Roman Empire legions in Britain.

Brigid. When she realized they had a voice were gifted and could rise up in defense of Freedom of Speech and rally the Celtic people to envision, reimagine, and resist the totalitarian censorship of the Roman Empire, the Dark Empire.

The “Book of Brigid”, most amazing and sacred.

Druid Goddess Macha, heroic in her entourage, convenes a stadium of her people at the most sacred dolmen circle of Knowth and rallies up the Celtic people.

Macha, Celtic Goddess of War, Fertility, Sovereignty

Fionn the Celtic God of Battle, the most famous warrior and Celtic general of all mythology. And the Gods thunder to life. As is legend, he has heard The Three Horns blow to wake him up to save not just Ireland, but all the Celtic lands.

Dialogue Reconstruction

Dialogue is of the Bronze Age and Iron Age, a primitive vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Mostly in Modern English, with lines in Irish, Scots Gaelic, as well as Welsh.

Story is woven together between scenes and episodes in a sort of Celtic tartan cross hatch tapestry. Each Season will be called a “Tartan”, a woven story, with questions to be answered in the next season and episodes. Each Season will have 8-9 episodes called “Kilts”, which are woven together into the story knot at the season finale.  Based on Celtic culture and storytelling. Artistically, the Brodgar 3,200 BC cross-hatch designs represent the genesis of the Scottish tartan weave kilt design, which represent families intermarrying.


It is the beginning of the fabric of the Celtic people and nations.

SCRIPT – the script “Celtics” is registered with the Writers Guild of America, WGA.

WGA # 2132297

There have been some questions over the title “Celtics” with some saying an adjective cannot be a title which is not true. Adjectives can imply a noun, e.g. (Irish) Celtics, (Scottish) Celtics, (Boston) Celtics, the list goes on. You don’t have to spell it out in a title, you can allow mystery and meaning. Others are unaware that in GAELIC both Irish and Scots Gaelic, there is only one word for Celtics and it is both a noun and an adjective. Transliteration between languages is common. Loan words and even loan grammar is common. English is one of the most flexible and adaptable languages in current use in the world.