GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) 134 mins.

GULAG BARASHEVO – Media Monopoly and Censorship scene, 4 mins.

GULAG BARASHEVO – Christian Woman Prayer scene, 3 mins ( will sound edit to reduce the wind sound track. She talks of killing Tatiana, who in this film was a Soviet spy sent in to find a manuscript the dissidents had).

GULAG BARASHEVO – Men’s Camp, You Can’t Make Man Animal scene, 4.5 mins

GULAG BARASHEVO – Order 270, Men Work, 4 mins (still far too cyan tone, I will have to do color correction and re-release it)

This is closer to the coloring of the original version:

This is the intended final color correction for Gulag Barashevo (2015)

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GULAG BARASHEVO is about two lead Dissidents, Vera and Vlad, a husband and wife, who have been separated into different GULAG camps. Dialogue addresses many issues of the truth about Marxism. It covers the themes of both Christianity and Baltic Pagan religions being persecuted by the Marxist USSR.  Vlad escapes to rendezvous with Vera, they conceive a child. Vlad makes the ultimate sacrifice for her and their unborn child.

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