GULAG MAGADAN (2017), 114 mins.

GULAG MAGADAN (2017), 14 min long full scene. Sick Ward scene #2 – Genocide vs Morality

GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 8 min long full scene. Barracks scene #4 – Armand Hammer
GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 4 min long full scene. Barracks scene #2 – If the West Knew
GULAG MAGADAN (2017)2 min long full scene. Encrypt scene #3 – Encrypt Human Rights Manifesto
GULAG MAGADAN (2017) 2 min long full scene. Barracks scene #1 – They Want to Destroy Beauty 

Larisa, dissident.

There was a young woman in Karelia, in Soviet occupied Karelia, who spoke the Old Language, the rare dialect of Finnish known as Karelian. Her name was Elizabeta. She was an orphan. The Soviets had killed her entire village, but she was in the forest that day picking berries. When she came back to the village, she saw it in flames. She meets Pyotr in the Gulag camp sick ward and Larisa in the Gulag barracks.

This is the story of Elizabeta, Larisa, Pyotr.

Elizabeta, ex-GRU colonel, Karelian dissident.

Being an orphan, the Soviets thought they could trust her to have no loyalty to anyone, to be ruthless. So they promoted her to a top command in internal USSR intelligence. Unbeknownst to them, she never forgot the genocide of her family. And she became the most dangerous dissident known to the Marxist system. Smuggling the Kurganov Documents to the West.

GULAG MAGADAN is the story of three Dissidents. Elizabeta, Larisa and Pyotr, as they struggle to overcome rape, shame, guilt, self-hate, and find pride. In-depth philosophical, political, and personal psychological conversations between Elizabeth and Larisa and Elizabeth and Pyotr, are throughout the story.  Elizabeta and Pyotr, author, encrypt and smuggle out a Human Rights manifesto to the West so the West knows about the Marxist genocide of over 65,000,000 human beings in the Marxist USSR GULAG extermination camp system. As the Commissar closes in on them, they race against time.

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