Cinematography. RED Dragon camera, Zeiss lens., digital, Michael Kingsbury

Gulag dissidents interrogated as they stand in formation. Nikos
Siozos, Lana Hulevich, Tanya Mironowski.
LARA by Lana Hulevich. Artist in the Gulag has visions of Beauty through all the Hell of the gray Gulag, she can still see Beauty.

GUNA by Gunita Jansone. The Gulag Guru, the master of movement, how to conserving energy and surviving.
Gulag Barashevo camp – cold weather.
ALOYSHA by Alla Arutyinyan. Running for her life, shot multiple times, but keeps getting back up, running across a 200 ft snow field, to die on her terms, in Freedom.
VLAD by Haydn Winston.
Lana Gulevich and Tanya Mironowski in Gulag Barashevo, last years film.
MARINA by Juliana Caesar, prays before the climb up the icy mountain to her grave. Wondering if there is Grace.
Lana Gulevich as Lara in Gulag Barashevo will be ANASTASIA in GULAG VORKUTA.
Andrey Vasilev as COMMISSAR 2 in Gulag Barashevo is ALEXANDER in GULAG VORKUTA.
Sketcheds for Gulag Vorkuta scenes, graphite on paper, Michael Kingsbury

Sketch for Gulag dissident scene in Gulag Vorkuta (2016), graphite on paper, Michael Kingsbury.






































































































































































































































Ekaterina Farion as KATIA in the Gulag camp.
Pain and suffering of the Vorkuta mining trenching operations. After all the Men were killed they put the Women in Gulag Vorkuta. LYDIA by Angelika Reyn.
The greatest depth of feeling is found in the Gulag. From deepest sorrow to greatest joy. Help Humanity feel beyond themselves for 90 mins.


Anna Shvareva makeup test.
ALEXANDER and ANASTASIA escape skiing







ANASTASIA and ALEXANDER escape the GULAG death camp.
ANASTASIA and ALEXANDER at their moment of escape from the Gulag camp.
Scene in #gulagvorkutamovie Powerhouse Andrey Vasilyev charging up 3ft deep snow 45 deg steep slope at 8,500 ft.
Andrey Vasilev as ALEXANDER in GULAG VORKUTA (2016)
Lana Gulevich as ANASTASIA in the GULAG VORKUTA

1hr 38mins
Lana Gulevich as ANASTASTIA in the Gulag camp.
Lana Gulevich, Aristocrat, Dissident, Violiist, Leader of the Belarusian underground Resistance.
Anna Shvareva, Gulag work trench
Andrey Vasilyev charges down snow hill to Gulag concentration camp fence, at moment of escape.
Alexander Rhys as FYODOR the dissident geologist in the GULAG.
Alexander Rhys in the Gulag.
Anton Gush before a take.
Romeo Visca in Gulag Vorkuta (2016).
ROMEO VISCA_SC.12_TK3_Gulag Vorkuta.

Angelika Reyn, Gulag Vorkuta work
Romeo Visca, Gulag Vorkuta camp.
Anton Iakolev, Gulag Camp.
Alexander Pait, Gulag Camp
ANDREY VASILYEV is true Humanity, feeling Love, wanting Freedom.
LARISA by Katherine Galanova, talks about her son in a USSR Children’s Gulag extermination camp
Katherine Galanova as Larisa, a Gulag dissident, battling memory of rape, fearing extermination and genocide of her people.
Kendall Morris performs the part of Elizabeta, a Gulag dissident facing execution.
Katherine Galanova plays Larisa, a Gulag dissident facing genocide.
Andrey Vasilyev performs the role of Pyotr, a Gulag dissident doctor who must battle with humility, pride, wrath, anger, hate, courage, passion.
Katherine Galanova and Kendall Morris perform the tough roles of Larisa and Elizabeta, GULAG dissidents.
GULAG MAGADAN (2017). Character of Larisa by Katherine Galanova
1hr 45mins








LANA GULEVICH has the indomitable spirit of a people who refuse to be exterminated.

KATIA by Catherine Farion delivers a stellar execution performance.
This is what the film is about. Compassion, caring. The way people treat one another. The hands can say it all.
ANASTASIA by Lana Gulevich. The shadow of the tree merges with her own shadow. We are always a part of this Earth, our feelings are always connected to the greater.
LYDIA by Angelica Reyn. Angelica delivers a focused, possessed, performance of a Gulag inmate on the edge of life.
ALEXANDER by Andrey Vasilyev. Andrey is the mastermind behind the creation and rendition of Alexander. One of the most powerful male lead performances ever.
ANASTASIA by Lana Gulevich. Lana creates and delivers the greatest 9 minute performance in cinema history. A Joan D’Arc of the Gulag, she transforms from being a mortal to being a saint. She covers all the emotional and spiritual bases in one of the most difficult scenes ever performed in film history.
Sound Editing in Pro Tools, multiple tracks consist of Dialogue Lav, Dialogue Boom, NR (noise reduction) Dialogue, Wind 1, Wind 2, Trucks, Dogs.
Sound Editing in Pro Tools, multiple tracks consist of Dialogue Lav, Dialogue Boom, NR (noise reduction) Dialogue, Wind 1, Wind 2, Trucks, Dogs.

Cinematography, Canon L 85mm, portrait of a dissident at execution, Michael Kingsbury

Katherine Galanova plays the part of Larisa, a GULAG dissident. Hoping she’ll see her son again.
Kendall Morris perofrms the role of Elizabeta, GULAG dissident, former GRU officer, Karelian.
Andrey Vasilyev performs the role of Pyotr, a Gulag dissident doctor.
Lauren Finlay performs the role of Sveta, a GULAG dissident.
Elina Kay performs the role of Dasha, a GULAG dissident.



Soufiane El Khalidy performs the role of Commissar Yagoda.
Cinematography, Nikon 85mm, portrait of a dissident, Michael Kingsbury
Lana Gulevich as the dissident “Lara”, kneels and prays before crosses in the snow and ice.
Gunita Jansone as GUNA. A powerful and all encompassing performance of the Veteran inmate the Gulag Guru, giving a lecture on movement and how to save energy and stay alive.
GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) 2hr 14mins
GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) 2hr 14mins