GULAG VORKUTA (2016) 98 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA – Opening Scene, dissident monologue scene, 4 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA – Myself or My People scene, 8 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA – Christian Men’s Funeral scene, 4 mins.

GULAG VORKUTA – Order 270, Fascist Nationalist, Ideal Soviet Persons, scene, 8 mins.

GULAG BARASHEVO – Christian Woman Prayer scene, 3 mins (This is actually a scene in the Gulag Barashevo movie, sorry, I’ve duplicated it. I will sound edit to reduce the wind sound track. She talks of killing Tatiana, who in this film was a Soviet spy sent in to find a manuscript the dissidents had).

Heartbreaking performance by Anna Shvareva: “When we do have children, they take them away to be indoctrinated, like calves from the mother cow, they treat us like animals.”  Brilliant performance by Anna Shvareva in Gulag Vorkuta (2016);

GULAG VORKUTA is about two Dissidents, Anastasia and Alexander, who meet in a GULAG camp. As Anastasia secretly gives food to Alexander, he becomes stronger and they fall in love. Dialogue addresses many issues of the truth about Marxism. The greatest challenge for Anastasia is whether she should stay in the camp and survive a little longer, or dare to escape and tell the West. A gang rape victim, she slowly overcomes her aversion to men, and sees through Alexander to her greater people. While all the rest of the dissidents in the camp die, they make a daring escape with skis to freedom.

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