Lugh and Danu – Actors Page

Welcome Robbie and Dana! This is your Actors Page which only you two get to see. You’ll find all kinds of takes, downloads from your great performances here. Click on the links folders and download. This is your online storage place where you can come back and download different resolutions whenever you want. Thanks!

“We Used To Have Brehon Law”, Lugh. POSTER v.1

NEW – FEB. 2023

DOWNLOAD Instructions. Do not click the three dots and try to download, it will say “file not found”. Put your cursor over the video and right-click and “Save video as” and you can download the full video. Files with H264 notation can be played with all software. Files with H265 designation can only be played on certain video players. H265 is a sharper resolution, smaller data, but more limited playability.